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For faster response to you urgent queries, and / or emergencies with your grains, please feel free to call me on my mobile:

0403 796 207

Buffalo Milk Kefir

Water Buffalo Ravi checking the quality of her mother’s milk


25 thoughts on “Contact Me

  1. Kathy Chapman says:

    Hello, I would like to purchase some milk kefir grains for my family please, how do I go about this? I am in Newcastle NSW
    Best Regards Kathy

  2. Nikki says:

    Hi, I’d like to try making milk kefir, any recommendations on where to get grains in brisbane? Thanks!

  3. Josefine says:

    Hello there,
    I was wondering if it is possible to get some kefir grains, please. I have many allergies, including to penicillin and after researching for a long time, I found that kefir can help to boost the immune system. I would appreciate if you can email me how to get some kefir grains.
    thank you

  4. Amy Yang says:

    Good afternoon,
    Can you please let me know where I can get grains in Melbourne? Have been doing some research regarding probiotics for my dog who is constantly sick with tummy problems and really hoping kefir will be able to help with her health. Thank you so much!

  5. Memento Hudson says:

    Hi, I am in Brisbane and want to start making Milk Kefir, can you make any recommendations on how/were to get grains?

  6. Erika says:

    Hello there… I recently left my kefir seed several days in the milk (unexpected trip into hospital). I noticed it was covered in tons of gloop. I gently cleaned it by rinsing with milk…having read your warnings on tap water. But now, the kefir it produces is slimy & smells of blue cheese. Does this mean I have irretrievably damaged the kefir, or could you suggest something else I can try?

  7. Deborah whittaker says:

    Hi can you advise me of how to get some kefir grains. I can collect thrm or have them posted. I live at glenelg. Kind regards deborah

  8. Susan says:

    Hi Marius,

    I am interested to make milk kefir. I would appreciate it if you could advise where I can find the kefir grains in Perth as I am unable to find it at the health food shops here.

  9. Peter says:

    Hello Marius, Do you still supply Kefir grains? I am interested in purchasing some. Regards, Peterb

  10. Ting Adolphus says:

    Hello. I am looking to buy two portions of kefir grains. One for a friend who’s son has been unwell and the other will be sent to my grandmother in Sweden. She is turning 95! I bought mine from goodies and grains but they are out of stock and mine are not reproducing yet …

    Kind regards

    • Dear Ting, no problems getting some milk kefir grains from me, they look plump and healthy. I will contact you for the details regarding the delivery. My best wishes to you, your friend’s son, and your grandmother, she sounds like an amazing person…

  11. Hi. I am very keen to buy kafir grains some how. I have long standing health problems and I am hoping these will help me. Please let me know what I can do to find some or if you still have any available. I’m also in Adelaide. Thank you so much. Kate.

  12. Bill comert 0419304118 says:

    Hi Marius how are you I am very keen to buy kafir grains some how to get some kefir grains if posible I’m from Turkey very hard to bringto here thank you so much Bill

  13. Moree says:

    Hi, your site has some great info. I am looking for somewere to buy organic kefir grains in brisbane. Can you help at all?

  14. Hi. I’ve been given some milk kefir from a friend and have been consuming and making it for a few months now. But mine does not look like the ‘normal’ kefir I see in other posts. Mine don’t appear to have grains but instead a very thick creamy texture. Is this normal? I don’t even strain it, I just add it to whatever I need it for and when I get low, add milk and leave on my counter for 24 hours. I keep seeing video’s and photos of all these grains that mine never seem to contain?? I’m confused.
    Any suggestions?

    • Hi Vanessa,
      I think that’s nothing wrong with your grains, if they weren’t alive your milk would get rotten in no time on the kitchen sink.
      Should you tip out all your container in a large strain and wash it under some non-chlorinated water, you’d most likely find them plump and healthy.
      Most importantly, if they make you kefir you enjoy, don’t even think of washing them, I guarantee you they are happy just to be left alone in their milk.
      The kefir is meant to be thick and creamy and nice to drink, just like a better butter milk.
      It sounds to me like you are doing a wonderful job.
      Best wishes to you and your little critters.

  15. Jude Ball says:

    Hi Marius, I have enjoyed reading your blogs. Would you have any kefir for purchase? Mine got thrown away by house sitters and I would rather start with active grains than go through the process of starting with dried. Also, please can you confirm that whole milk i.e A2 is a good milk to grow them in? I am based in Sydney. Thanks Jude

  16. Jude Ball says:

    Hi There, I have enjoyed reading your blogs etc.. Would you have any kefir grains for purchase? I live in Sydney. Many thanks Jude

  17. Linda Rice says:

    Hi, what an informative site! I have just got out of hospital following an appendectomy and taking large doses of antibiotics. I have since been looking for the best source of probiotics. I’ve already discovered and bought my kefir grains.
    Can you tell me if there will be any additional health benefits from eating any excess grains, as they multiply? There’s not a lot of information, I can find, on eating the kefir grains, and best time to take it, in order to re-populate gut with healthy bacteria.
    Any pointers will be much appreciated and I thank you in advance.
    Regards, Linda

  18. Sherie Morley says:

    I would like to purchase some Kefir from you, could you please send me details on how to go about this.

  19. Jerzy says:

    Not sure if this is still a live forum but decided to have a go.
    I was born and grew up in Poland. Since my early childhood I have been a big consumer of milk and all sorts of milk products;). Back in my Poland’s times kefir was available in all grocery stores, supermarkets etc as we here have milk or cream and I dare to say was popular and consumed in quantities comparable to milk itself.
    I loved kefir and my mum always made sure there was plenty of that as well as milk in our fridge.
    Here ( I live in Melbourne) I occasionally find kefir in Polish grocery shops or those ‘ethnic’ stores. Somehow, although it is close but its taste is not entirely the same. Maybe it waits in stores’ cool storage longer for anyone to buy.
    In Poland kefir was supplied to stores every day, the same as fresh milk.
    Milk was not pasteurised (you could buy pasteurised but who wants that) so you can imagine how many more options there were to make anything out of it.
    To cut things short I’m just wondering if there is still a chance to get some of those kefir grains from you. I can’t even remember how I came across the ‘kefir grains’ and possibility to make kefir at home but I remember I jumped from joy when I found all this on the net.
    Your reply would be greatly appreciated and if it is no longer valid info just ignore it.
    With greetings from scorching Melbourne.

    • Hi Jerzy and great to hear from you,
      My little milk kefir blog is still valid, still going on thanks to our great little community of milk kefir enthusiasts.
      I grew up the same in Romania, with fresh milk kefir and fresh yogurt my mum used to make always in the pantry.
      I was ecstatic myself when I found the grains in Australia, got them from an Ukrainian guy in Victoria – if I remember well, but that was more than 10 years ago.
      Since then I have chased up un-pasteurized milk, and I managed to find it close to where I live.
      The way I got it was through a cow share program, where 100 people purchase one cow, so you buy your own “share” of an animal, and technically you don’t buy the milk as such, but get the milk from your own cow.
      They got into trouble though with the government, and it is on hold at the moment…
      Anyway, my grains are doing ok now, so I can send you a couple of teaspoons of grains if you wanted me to.
      My best wishes,

  20. Simona says:

    Hi, I had a lot of kefir and was making lots for a while and then the last batch went yellow on top and a strange consistency. Then when I searched further, I found weavels in them (they may have been maggots, I am unsure).
    Are you able to send me some grains? Also would you know why this happened?

    Thank you

    • Hi Simona and great to hear from you,
      not so great to hear about your little grains though, it sounds like they may have died.
      Every now and the they slow down – difficult to say why or when – and sometimes they die for no apparent reason.
      If you normally rinsed them it may have been the chlorine in the water, sometimes they don’t like the milk they are being fed, who knows.
      That is why I always freeze a small amount as a replacement.
      Anyway, my grains are doing ok now, so I can send you a couple of teaspoons of grains if you wanted me to.
      My best wishes,

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