Healthy Habits at Home

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June 4, 2016 by transilvanian

Transylvanian GirlI have recently had a very inspiring, thought-provoking discussion with a milk-kefir buddy in our little tribe.
He came over the other night to pick up a lot of grains from me after reading through my blog, and asked me how other people our age manage to stay active and healthy.
We were about the same age – in our early 50’s, the difference – he thought – was that he suffered all kind of ailments and also chronic fatigue – to top it all off.
Even though the discussion was long and realise that our backgrounds are completely different, it really got me thinking about things we do well in our family and household, and also things we could improve in our lives.
I therefore sat down at my desk late last night and quickly jotted down some of those things, and I will try and share with you the positive things I myself believe we do right, things we also try and teach our child to do:
(I need to stress again, these are he things WE DO in our household, I am not trying to preach anything to anyone)
– Faith in God, the strong belief that every little thing happens for a reason. We are proud to be Orthodox Christians.
– Positive Thinking – the law of attraction works 100% of the time. Staying positive will only bring good things – including health – into one’s life
– Spend as much time close to nature as possible. We go for long walks down the beach as often as we can, at least once a week, we spend half a day every second week in the Adelaide Botanical Gardens, we going for bike rides at least once a week.
EXTREMELY IMPORTANT though, we try and stay away from pollution as much as possible, which include busy roads. There’s absolutely no point in riding our bikes or go for walks and inhale diesel fumes!
– We try and eat as much wholemeal foods as possible
– We try and eat as much un-processed food as possible
– We try to eat organically and home-grown food as much as possible
– We try and eat as much raw food as possible
– My lovely wife cooks every single day
– We minimise the amount of refined sugar from the diet. Refined sugar is a POISON for the body
– We completely eliminated alcohol consumption form our house (quitting smoking took place about 15 years ago)
– Fermented foods, milk kefir and Kombucha are part of our daily diet

That’s about all I can think of for the moment.
I will spend the next few days thinking about things I believe we do wrong, and also things that can be improved.
Please let us know what you think you do right, or things you would like to improve in order to stay healthy.
A glass with kefir to your health!

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