Five Things You Need to Know About Kefir Health Benefits

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April 13, 2015 by transilvanian

Where did kefir come from? The name comes from the Turkish word “keif”, which is translated as “good feeling”. Originating in the Causasus region, the history of this drink is steeped in legend. There is even a story that a gorgeous woman spirited away a recipe from a Russian prince, which is why we are able to drink it today.

The magical history of kefir is not even the best thing about this drink, called “champagne milk” by some. There is a neverending list of benefits to your health that you can start to enjoy when you start drinking this refreshing, tangy drink. Here are some kefir health benefits that might make you pick up a bottle on your next grocery trip.

The most celebrated health benefit of kefir is its ability to restore optimum levels of “friendly” bacteria in the gastrointestinal tract. Those who suffer from GI disorders such as irritable bowel syndrome and leaky gut syndrome may find their symptoms eased. There is some research that shows that kefir actually destroys “unfriendly” bacteria as well.

Kefir health benefits are not just limited to the GI tract. Surprisingly, kefir has been linked to all kinds of medical conditions that you may not have imagined. People claim that kefir has cleared up their acne, regulated their blood pressure and blood sugars, alleviated their depression and balanced their cholesterol levels.

Kefir is also very nutrient-rich and excellent for your body functions. It is packed with nutrients. While yogurt has a handful of “friendly” bacteria, kefir is known to have up to 35 strains of bacteria that Kefir contains a great deal of protein and high levels of magnesium, calcium and tryptophan, which calms the nervous system. And because kefir is already fermented, which means that even those who are lactose intolerant can enjoy all the benefits of this wonderful drink.

These are just a few kefir health benefits; there has even been a study done in Japan which shows that kefir can fight the effects of radiation exposure!

If you are feeling experimental, you can even make your own kefir, which is a way to get the most natural version of the drink. Making your own kefir can be fun and a better way to reap all the kefir health benefits that exist.

Not only is it delicious, this drink is good for your body and helps you to get many of the nutrients and minerals you need.

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