My Milk Kefir Grains Are Awake


April 2, 2015 by transilvanian

Welcome back everyone, first of all apologies for such a late come-back, we have been away for a couple of months, and my little babies have been sleeping in the freezer for the last 4 months.

Amazingly enough, they woke up quite well and refreshed, started producing beautiful milk kefir pretty much straight away.

It is my first experience keeping my grains in the freezer, I was a bit worried that the frost may have damaged them, however that was not the case.

I would greatly appreciate to find out how you, my kefir buddies, have travelled while I was away.

All the best to everyone and hope to hear from you soon.

7 thoughts on “My Milk Kefir Grains Are Awake

  1. MaryNH says:

    Transilvanian, I just discovered your blog, and I read your comment about freezing your grains with great interest. How did you freeze them (any special prep? I plan to do the same thing when I travel, but I’m not sure of the technique. I’d hate to kill my grains, as they’ve been making wonderful kefir for two years now. Any information you could share will be greatly appreciated. I’ve shared my grains with quite a few people who are thrilled to be making their own kefir. We “kefiries” have to stick together!

    • Hi there and great to hear from you.
      About freezing my milk kefir grains, as I haven’t done it myself before, I separated my grains for freezing in two lots.
      First lot I washed with non-chlorinated water and dried them by keeping them in front of a fan blowing warm air, then freeze.
      I was a bit worried about small / microscopic icicles forming and killing them.
      Second lot I snap-froze them in fresh milk, and I defrosted them in it, in the fridge.
      The results were similar, I couldn’t see a difference.
      I gently defrosted them in the fridge for 24 hours, then I fed them a couple of lots of fresh milk, and they both lots took off in no time.
      Good luck with it and let us all know how you go.

  2. Stephanie Bentley says:

    Hello & great to hear that your grains survived so well
    My grains are not producing and I desperately want some
    Do you supply to people
    Many thanks

    • Dear Stephanie,
      It is quite unusual to hear that your grains are not producing, providing you have the correct “milk kefir grains”, not the “tibiscos”, or “water kefir grains”, and providing they are live and well I guarantee you they’ll produce kefir.
      Please let me know the quantity of grains you got, and the way you feed them, and I will be happy to assist you.
      Please also feel free to contact me directly on my mobile if you want a fast response.
      All the best to you and you grains.

  3. Shaun McLaughlin says:

    Hello, This is Shaun and I’m in Brisbane.

    I was communicating with you a few months ago about receiving some kefir grains from you. Are you selling any at the moment? Sincerely, Shaun McLaughlin

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  4. Gloria says:

    Hi Transilvanian,

    I did something similar with mine. For a little while (12 months-ish!) I was working so much that my Mum was supplying me with kefir from her grains. I did not even have the five minutes for kefir. So I froze mine.
    I just rinsed them in milk and patted them dry with a paper towel… quite thoroughly.
    Then I put them in a small ziplock bag, inside another ziplock bag and put that in a small sistema plastic container.
    Just whacked that in the freezer.
    I defrosted them in the fridge, in all their containers overnight. It took only 2 tries to revive them properly.
    I thought they’d die after so long, but not so. I wasn’t worried as I could have taken some of Mum’s, but they were perfect!
    ‘Life finds a way’.
    No wonder we can find bacteria in the heart of glaciers.
    Glad to hear that yours are safe and well.

    • Hi Gloria, they are tough little creatures, aren’t they?
      I kind of expected them to come back to life fairly quickly, but to be honest with you not THAT quickly.
      Great to hear that yours are doing well too.
      If I may ask you, what do you do with your spare grains, do you drink them?

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