Your Milk Kefir Questions Answered


May 2, 2014 by transilvanian

Probiotic Kefir GrainsFrom time to time I receive interesting and challenging questions from my subscribers, questions I believe are relevant to anyone interested in milk kefir and milk kefir grains.

I take the liberty of making them public for everyone’s benefit.

My kefir buddy Nat asked:

“Can I put kefir straight into raw milk and will it create more kefir?. Do you know much about water kefir?. I am also still wondering if kefir is alright for people with dairy intolerance?”

My answer to Nat:

“…the grains simply love raw milk, that’s what I drink myself, and a heaped teaspoon make me a nice cup of kefir every 18-24 hours.
Providing you feed the grains fresh milk, they will keep multipying.
I have tried water kefir or tibiscos, however my family and I prefer and currently drink Kombucha tea.
You can temporarily convert your milk kefir to make you water kefir, or even soy milk kefir, almond milk kefir, rice milk kefir, or coconut yoghurt.
You name it, they’ll make it for you…
They are happy with sugary water for a while, 2-3 weeks, however I’d put them back on milk after that.
You can obviously rotate your grains, have a couple of lots you constantly rotate between milk and water, or other type of vegetable “milk”.
About the lactose intolerance and kefir, milk kefir is definitely all right for that.
What makes the milk kefir acceptable to people with lactose intolerance is the lack of lactose in kefir.
That’s exactly what the grains do, they feed on lactose in the milk, transforming it in lactic acid, carbon dioxide, and alcohol…”

5 thoughts on “Your Milk Kefir Questions Answered

  1. Lisa says:


    I’m interested in buying some grains to make kefir.

    I don’t know much about it but have just started following a primal eating plan & have lactose intolerances but have been advised to have kefir.

    Interested in your thoughts.


    • Good morning Lisa and nice to meet you,
      the milk kefir grains feed on the lactose in the milk, so they make the resulting drink safe for people with lactose intolerance.
      Our own son used to have the same problem, it was quite bad when we weaned him from breast milk to cow’s milk, however amazingly enough he was ok with the kefir. Since then, the days he doesn’t get his milk kefir are few and far between.
      The same with us, me and my wife drink kefir daily, and also drink the grains as well when we can get enough.
      I also enjoy my Kombucha drink as well, it helps me a lot getting more energetic and more focused at work.
      I hope you read through Jaya’s comments, they are very inspirational for anyone searching for information on milk kefir and its health benefits.

  2. Shaun says:

    Hi Marius,

    I discovered your blog today. I have really been enjoying reading it. I used to use a kefir culture powder that came in sachets. But I would like to try making kefir from fresh grains. I’m looking forward to trying some of the methods that you have demonstrated on this blog.

    Are you still able to send a little of the grains to Brisbane?

    • Dear Shaun,
      my apologies for such a late reply, I still got some spare milk kefir grains at the moment, and yes, I can send them all the way to Brisbane. I will contact you directly or details, I hope yu don’t mind. All the best, Marius

      • Shaun says:

        Thank you Marius. You can send the details to my Email address. I’m looking forward to hearing from you.

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