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April 17, 2014 by transilvanian

Happy Easter everyone!

One of my devoted subscribers Nat asks me:

” My kefir doesn’t taste very sour, I can leave it for longer but it doesn’t seem to sour very much, is it alright or is something wrong with it? I also just did another batch and it seemed to go very frothy on top and doesn’t seem to have gone very lumpy at all either, just frothy on top, what does that mean?”

They are very popular questions, I know that a lot of people look for answers to them, so here’s my reply to him:

I believe it’s great not getting sour kefir, the milk you use possibly makes all the difference. I don’t think there’s anything wrong with your grains, if it wasn’t for them, the milk would get rotten quite quickly at the kitchen’s temperature. The milk – or the milk kefir rather – gets frothy and slightly fizzy as the grains do their job of feeding on the sugars in the milk, and converting the lactose into lactic acid. They produce carbon dioxide when they do that, that’s why you get froth on top, and they also produce a small ammount of alcohol, usually 0.5 to 1%. The kefir does get lumpy when the milk separates into curds and whey, not before that. The grains also tend to raise at the top, that’s why I suggest people mix it every now and then.

Good luck with it all

One thought on “Your Questions Answered

  1. Erika Chemnitz says:

    I would like to order some of your kefir grains. But, I could not find any order possibility on your website.
    I, too would like to eat Kefir on a daily basis.
    Erika Chemnitz , Kingaroy Qlld. 4610

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