Organic Raw Milk Kefir Results


June 9, 2013 by transilvanian

Buffalo Milk Kefir

Water Buffalo Ravi checking the quality of her mother’s milk.
Image courtesy of Yvonne Berg

A few weeks ago I got extremely lucky and stumbled across a cow share program in Adelaide, so I quickly jumped at the opportunity and joined in.

Early last month I got my first delivery, and sipping a cup of warm milk has vividly brought back memories of the taste of my grandparents’ water buffaloes’ milk.

As one could imagine, I was also very keen to check how my probiotic milk kefir grains liked it.

I was used to my grains to be translucent and covered in kefiran, however, after just about an hour in raw milk, when I spooned them out, I found them covered into a batter-like thick coat.

They looked plump and happy, which made me happy as well.

No surprise there, they simply loved it.

After about 24 hours, I has a taste of the raw milk kefir, and all I can say is:

The raw cow milk produced was indeed the best kefir I have ever tasted. Full stop.

Notwithstanding that, the drink obtained turned from sweet kefir to sour kefir in a very short span of time.

That didn’t bother me at all, however, sadly enough, I gave up on the idea of consuming un-boiled milk straight from my cow.

Having done more research on raw un-pasteurized milk, I got a bit worried about germs and bacteria, other than brucellosis and TB that initially worried me.

More on that in the next post.

3 thoughts on “Organic Raw Milk Kefir Results

  1. Such a beautiful photo of a water buffalo cow.
    Great pieces of advice, much appreciated.

  2. Marilyn Wood says:

    Hi, I am enjoying your blog, I have had a lot of success with my milk kefir grains, but there is always room to learn more from others. I was wondering if you have a spare kombucha scoby to sell I am ready to branch out! I live in Hallett Cove.

    • Hi Marilyn, great to hear that, isn’t milk kefir such an amazing and healthy drink!
      I got a spare scoby for you, you can pick it up any time after 5:00pm.
      Looking forward to meeting you,
      PS I’ll be sending you my address on your listed email address.
      A glass of kefir to your health!

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