My Probiotic Kefir Grains Didn’t Like This Milk

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April 25, 2013 by transilvanian

Unsuitable milk for kefir grains

The Devondale milk that nearly killed my grains

Trying different types of milk for my grains, and understanding their behaviour is a real passion for me.

Every now and then I separate a spoon of them little things and feed them various types of milk.

I understand very well that not everyone has easy access to any kind of milk.

Just the other day I fed my pets

the Devondale milk in the image.

After 24 hours I checked to see how they traveling, and I realized that the milk has thickened.

That was pretty normal, so I gently stirred the grains with the milk and left them for another 24 hours.

I was shocked to see that the milk had EXACTLY the same consistency as the day before, however the grains have separated in small clumps, nearly all of them lost in the thick milk.

In any other milk I put them so far, they either multiply and grow to the size of a walnut, or just stay put, depending on a whole lot of factors.

Therefore, my suggestion is to stay away from this milk.

It may have been a bad batch,or it may contain something that harms the grains.

(Antibiotics,  perhaps?)

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