Best milk for your organic kefir grains


April 15, 2013 by transilvanian

A lot of kefir enthusiasts ask me the same question: which one is the best milk for making kefir?

I have experimented myself with a lot of different types of milk, skim and full cream, organic and not, pasteurised and not, homogenised and not, etc.

The single most important thing I realised was that the milk kefir grains themselves love best the organic full cream un-homogenised milk.

They seem to grow, multiply, and divide a lot faster in such a milk. It is kind of obvious to relate organic milk to organic milk kefir grains.

That is why I call mine organic, I grow them in organic milk.

Skim milk, organic or not, does somehow slow them down a bit, possibly due to a lower lactose content.

In saying that, the grains still grow at a healthy rate, and it may as well be that the health benefits for our digestive tract to be the same as for the full cream milk.

The other noticeable thing I noticed was the least the milk was factory processed, the better the kefir I got, and it also lasted a long longer after bottling.

On the 3rd of April I will be getting raw, un-processed milk straight from a dairy farmer, or rather his/her cows, and I am looking forward to feeding it to my organic milk kefir grains “as is”, without even boiling it.

(I was overly concerned with TB and brucellosis in un-pasteurized milk, just to find out they have been eradicated in Australia about 30 years ago)

I will be posting an update on this topic soon after that, possibly on the 6th of May, so please stay tuned, it’s got to be interesting.

To your health,


2 thoughts on “Best milk for your organic kefir grains

  1. Rina Vas says:

    Hello Marius,
    I am new to kefir and have yet to make it. Where would i find grains for purchase?

    Thank you kindly in advance.

    Rina Vas

    • Hi Rina,
      it is very nice to meet you.
      Kefir is very easy to make, and also very easy to procure.
      Depending on where you are located, Ebay is probably your best bet for obtaining milk kefir grains.
      Please let me know if you cannot find them, and I’ll do some research for you.
      That would be my pleasure.
      My best regards, and I’ll have a glass of kefir to your health.

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