Video Tutorial #2 – Straining your kefir


March 23, 2013 by transilvanian

Since so many people asked me to show them how to make their own kefir, I decided to take the time and record myself doing it at home.
What you see in the video is my own drink, made using my own organic kefir grains.
I used this time an organic UHT, or ultra heat treated milk, which typically results in a sweeter drink.

My grains are available for purchase by directly contacting me, or HERE through one of my Ebay listings.

If by any chance the listing has ended, have a look at my other items, another batch of grains should be available for purchase.

Thank you and enjoy!

One thought on “Video Tutorial #2 – Straining your kefir

  1. Jeleelah says:

    Yay thanks for the video, needed that :p grains came yesterday, can’t wait to try to make some 🙂 🙂

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