Growing Kefir Grains


March 10, 2013 by transilvanian

Me and my family were drinking daily this wonder drink called kefir. My son has been  enjoying his daily kefir drink since he turned 4 months old.

We could buy if from the local market for a decent price, and then it dissapeared.

The only place we could get it from was an Organic shop for $6.75 for half a litre.

If you have it once every now and then, it’s kinda OK, but when you need one litre each day, that’s about $400 a month.

So I started searching around, and I ended up buying my own kefir grains, and making my own kefir, for the cost of a litre of milk.

As weeks passed by, my grains seemed to have enjoyed what I was feeding the and the way I looked after them, so they started multiplying.

This is how I started growing milk kefir grains of my own.

2 thoughts on “Growing Kefir Grains

  1. Julie says:

    Hi Marius, I have had my kefir grains (from you) for just a few weeks now and they are doing so well. I have switched from reduced fat supermarket milk to full fat organic milk and the grains are multiplying at a steady rate. I have about double the amount you sent me and am now able to make 1.5 cups every 36 hours or so. We are really enjoying it.

  2. I live on the north side of brisbane,I would like to know where I can buy kifer grains in brisbane.
    Thank you.
    Kenneth Taudevin

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